Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain 05 Honey Love

After reading and listening to many positive reviews regarding the new Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturizing Balm Stains, I decided to purchase one and test it out for myself to see whether or not this lip product is truly worth the hype. 

Packaging: The packaging is standard - the tube looks similar to a chubby marker tube. The color of the tube is reflective of the color of the lip product, which is helpful because most drug-store do not carry testers. This lip product was sealed, which is good and bad. It is bad because you cannot peak to see the color, but it is good because it ensures that your product is sanitary and has not been tampered with. Lastly, these lip stains do not require sharpening and mechanically "twist" up as their name implies. 

Price: $3.99 

Color: The crayon-like bullet looks like a neutral warm pink with brown undertones. This shade has a silvery sheen to it - not glittery, frosty, or glossy, but rather shimmery. I absolutely adore glossy and shiny lipsticks, but I dislike shimmer in both lipsticks and lip glosses. I find shimmer to be similar to frost, which looks quite stark on some ladies, creating an aged or dated appearance. Once I wore this shade on my lips, it turned into a more rosy mid-tone pink with yellow undertones. I am not a fan of such pinks. For reference, a popular yellow toned pink is MAC's Fanfare. My idea of a yellow toned pink is one that is warmer, but with hints of coral or rose rather than brown or purple. Although I have an olive, warm beige skin-tone, I like cool, neutral, and sometimes blue-toned shades. So, even though I really like the way the shade appears on my arm and initially on the lips, I don't like it once it morphs into a shimmery rosy pink shade. 

Formula / Application: Is it a moisturizing balm? This product is not moisturizing. It is quite the contrary. I believe the glossiness captured in the pictures below is because of the subtle silver shimmer, which you can observe more in the second picture. I honestly dislike wearing this product. I tend to remove it soon after I apply it because it makes my lips look dry and dull. I am sorry to say that this product just looks and feels cheap. I am a big fan of lip products. I mostly own high-end lipsticks because it is something I really like and can invest in as my liking of makeup is limited to lip and nail colors. Maybe I am just holding these up to a high standard. Not sure, but a lip color should add glow to your face, not make it appear dull. I felt I had a glow without this on and then it was as if I blew out the candle. 

Longevity: Is it a stain? No. This is not a stain and I say so for two reasons. Firstly, it does not fade into a subtle tint on your lips over time. It disappears whether or not you consume food or beverage. Secondly, it does not stay put on your lips, like a traditional lip stain. It transfers onto your hand or cup or whatever. Stains are supposed to be more long-lasting and rigid than matter formulas. This product is nowhere near the realm of stains. 

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  1. this looks amazing! i always pass by jordana products but never seem to pick any up. i think i'll have to give this a try :)

  2. what a pretty natural color! I also tagged you in my beauty blogger tag!


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