Tuesday, September 24, 2013

*New* BOBBI BROWN Lip Gloss #55 Tea Berry (Rich Chocolate Fall 2013 Collection Limited Edition)

Once bitten, twice cautious, or not...

Bobbi Brown is one of the high-end brands I am quite drawn to, but my experience with this brand has been hit or miss. I am really fond of the blush and lipsticks (creamy and sheer formula) I own from this brand. I also enjoyed using my sample of their BB cream, but never purchased it because I don't use face products on a regular basis. However, a lot of their hyped products have not worked out for me, such as their eyeshadows, colored gel liners, bronzing powder, and "Rich" lipsticks. 

My general thoughts on the Rich Chocolate Fall 2013 Collection...

 Although I look forward to brands adding new products to their permanent line and seasonal collections, I am always slightly reluctant to try the seasonal collections. Bobbi Brown's collection for this Fall (Autumn) is called Rich Chocolate. The collection includes a shimmery palettes of beige and brown neutral shades. I experimented with these shades at the counter and noticed that the shadows were not pigmented whatsoever. The two lipsticks in the collection are pretty boring in my opinion - a pale pink (nude) and a berry (deep rosy pink). Moreover, these lipsticks are not from the creamy, creamy matte, or sheer formula ranges. These lipsticks have the packaging and formula of the Original/Rich range. The Original/Rich lipsticks have the old fashioned point-slanted bullets rather than a flat rounded balm-like bullet, which I love so much so that I don't even consider trying certain lipsticks that don't have such a bullet. Also, the formula of these lipsticks is very drying. Ultimately, the only product from this collection that caught my eye was the rosy pink lip gloss with the adorable name "Tea Berry". 

My thoughts on the coveted "Tea Berry" Gloss...

When I was paying for this lip gloss, a gutting $25 by the way, the MUA told me that I was buying the second to last one. The Muse from the Musings of a Muse gave this lip gloss a rave review. She said that she loved it so much that she bought a backup. Her review convinced me that I need this gloss in my life. 

"Tea Berry" is a medium to full coverage lip gloss even though it is not designated as one of Bobbi's Rich (full) Color glosses. On the arm in the picture below, the shade looks like a light berry red, yet on my lips it appears to be a rosy pink. I feel like it looked very subtle and similar to my own natural lip color. Although I love the color and the fact that this is a richly pigmented gloss, which implies effortless, on-the-go, quick application, this lip product is sadly not a keeper for me. 

So, what's missing? 

I am very particular about the glosses I wear because my lips react very sensitively. For your reference, Buxom's plumping lip glosses and Clinique's long-wear glosses irritate my lips, whereas Revlon's Super Lustrous glosses, Neutrogena lip shines, and MAC's lip glosses suit me. The Smashbox Limitless long-wear glosses fall somewhere in limbo of love-hate, being the only long-wear glosses that do not inflame my lips. 

This lip gloss really bothered my lips. I wanted to remove soon after applying it because my lips felt tight and suffocated. I cannot describe the exact feeling, but my lips feel prickly too, like a mixture of pain and heat. I am not saying I felt a pepperminty tingle. It was much more uncomfortable than the tingle of Tarte Lip Surgence or Buxom lip products. 

Once I removed this gloss from my lips, my upper lip sort of felt the same as it does when I get a sunburn. Furthermore, I experienced slight inflammation in the area where I had applied the gloss on my arm. Given the unfortunate circumstances and high price-point of this lip gloss, I plan to return it as soon as possible, so I will not be giving this gloss any additional tries. 

But who might like this? 

I think for those who do not have sensitive lips and enjoy wearing long-wear glosses, despite the heavy, sticky, rigid film-like feeling of such glosses, might really like this gloss, especially with its rich pigmentation. 

Overall, I cannot get over how much I adore the shade, but wish the formula had not irritated my lips because this would have been an ideal lip color for a busy day requiring subtle and quick on-the-go makeup. 

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  1. This shade matches you so perfectly!! Looks very pretty.. Sad that it has a heavy sticky formula though! I cant stand hair getting stuck on my lips which is why I avoid such glosses!

  2. I'm so sorry this didn't work for you. Pretty color on you, but I'm hoping you can find a dupe in a formula that suits you!


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