Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tarte Airblush Maracuja Blush Shimmering Poppy and Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint Fiery (Review and Swatches)

I recently purchased four new products by Tarte: two blushes and two lip colors. I was not planning on trying these products until the Benefit Brow Bar Artist at ULTA suggested I try the Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint in a bright red shade. I refused to try it at first because it looked so bright, but then I could not resist. Obviously, when you wave a bone at a dog, it'll want to play fetch, right? I guess the MUA had a sharp eye because the lip color was surprisingly gorgeous. One of those lip colors that made me squeal out of excitement. 

 When I first began blogging about makeup, I would write about any product that I discovered as I was myself discovering the tricks and treats of the beauty world. However, in the past year, I became more focused on reviewing new products rather than the "oldies, but goodies." Well, today I have one of each to share with you - a new blush and an esteemed lip product. 

Tarte Airblush Maracuja Blush Shimmering Poppy 
Color: An orange-coral shade with subtle golden sheen. Awful pigmentation. The color looks so rich in the pan, but once I applied it on my face it looked like a yellowish orange sheen on my cheeks. This cheek product made me look greasy and dull. Once I applied it I thought to myself, "well what was the point of washing my face?"  
Price: $25.00 
Formula: A whipped creamy jelly-like texture. 
Application: Requires the use of a stippling brush or fingers. 
Longevity: What staying power? 
Overall: I would never ever recommend this product. Do not waste your money on this blush. It looks beautiful, but its functionality is disappointing. If you would not mind a yellowish orange gloss on your cheeks that feels a bit sticky icky like you have jam smeared on your face, then go for it. My face's glow from within was actually wiped out by this product. 

Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint Fiery
Color: A richly pigmented bright true red! One swipe and your lips look hot like chili peppers! 
Packaging: I don't know what it is about these chubby lip pencil lipsticks that makes them look so adorable. I would much rather have all my lip colors shaped like this jumbo crayon / chubby pencil than boring little rectangular black tubes. 
Price: $24.00
Formula/Application: This lip product and particular shade has a semi-matte creamy texture. This is not a traditional matte lip product. It applies smoothly and stays smooth once applied. It does not tighten, constrict, or dry out your lips. I don't feel the need to wear a lip balm or gloss. However, this does not stand true for some of the other shades in this collection such as Exposed and Hope, which do look matte, exaggerating your lip lines, and requiring a balm or gloss in order to avoid a "feverish zombie" appearance. The crayon-like shape of the bullet allows precise and effortless application. 
Longevity: This lip color does wear off after eating a meal. This shade wears off into a subtle rosy tint on your lips, but this does not have the tough rigid staying power of a traditional matte lip stain. 
Overall: I would highly recommend trying out this product. I have not been pleased with any "jumbo chubby pencil balm stain" sort of product with the exception of this one. I have tried Clinique, Revlon, CoverGirl, Hard Candy, and Jordana, and none of them impressed me. I did not even bother to try Neutrogena or Sally Hansen. I like this product and shade so much I could wear it every single day, but I don't think it is subtle enough for school. I really hope that Tarte releases more shades of this product in the future. 

I am wearing both products in this picture. 

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  1. Hi Meesha you looks lovely dear loved your FOTD <3

  2. Looks gorgeous on you Meesha! Thanks for telling us about the blush, it was on my list but no longer!


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